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WLST fun

24 Jul 2005

I've been having some fun of late with BEA's WLST tools. I'm using 8.1 so the fun is that there are 2 versions, one online (while connected to a running admin server or instance), and one offline for doing configuration and creation of instances much as you would through the configuration wizard application.

So here's the fun - it's jython based, but the tools start their own interpreter by default, but if you want to, you can create an ini file so you can import WLST as a module into a regular jython script.
But, for whatever reason, the offline version does not work for this...you always have to run the wlst offline class as the interpreter. I am testing a workaround, which since it is not particularly well documented, I am not quite ready to release into the world, but I am hopeful :)