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ActiveMessaging (a13g)

05 Jan 2007

Jon Tirsen and friends created a great product, ActiveMessaging, to incorporate into Rails the ability to send and receive Stomp messages - specifically, this seems to mostly be used with ActiveMQ and its Stomp protocol support, and depends on the Ruby Stomp client courtesy Brian McCallister.

Since I am using a13g quite actively at prx, Jon has been kind enough to let me help maintain this product, and hopefully even add some to it. There is now a google code site, and a mailing list, thanks Jon.

First up are some bug fixes and quick enhancements - I sent a few in to Brian McCallister that will hopefully show up in a 1.0.3 release of the Ruby Stomp client. I also have a few fixes and minor enhancements to make to a13g that should show up soon, and I will also be working on any issues logged on the new google code site.

But what to do after that? I have some examples I want to throw out there for doing synchronous messaging between a rails and a java app, and I want to add even more documentation to the wiki so folks can get going with this easier - what else do people want? Get on the mailing list and let's talk about it.