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Contegix support perhaps too good

20 Jan 2007

I'm writing this w/o any prompting from the folks at Contegix, I 've been just really pleased with these guys this week, and wanted to put a few kind words out there.

So we switched to Contegix not that long ago for prx, and I have to say, these guys are a class act. It's not that our last hosting provider was bad - they weren't - it's just that Contegix is that much better.

The support just may be too good. They are spoiling me; what will I do if I have to deal with a different host?

I fear I may never get better at any sysadmin tasks, it is all too easy to simply write a request, and in moments you have a response, and in minutes you have it done. I have never had better support, even when I had a dedicated team of admins around the corner. And I'd say about half the time I ask for something, the response includes analysis and suggestions on how to do it better.

So this week alone, I can't say enough about the strong work from Craig, Eric, Joe and Brian - thanks again guys!