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The 4th Network: Todd Mundt on PRX

27 Jun 2007

We had some fun folks from both the station/network side of PRX, and the independent producer side of the biz come hang out with us and talk about what to do next. Much of what we heard is now fermenting into the sweet brew of the next PRX release. For a non-PRX take on the meeting and the future of PRX, pull a few gems from the bag of insights that Todd Mundt left on his bloggy doorstep:

PRX has been around just long enough that now is good time to reassess strategy. That seems to be happening. But a few things are already clear: PRX is public radio’s fourth network; it’s the open source public radio network, and for those of us who are beginning to look for fresh, new voices to add to our schedules, it’s the best place to start.