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Thinking about a return to school.

19 Jun 2002

Thinking about a return to school.

So one question is whether to suck it up and admit I am no real engineer and go the business/finance route.

Could be true, but I also dislike this type of work compared with the technical side of work.

So the other possibility is just to suck it up and go become the engineer I wish I already was.

That seems like a possibly frustrating path to a truer end...and a happier end as well (I hope).

But this is the essence of the problem, not the natural history. I've been kicking the tires on this idea for awhile, considering a multitude of angles, yet always come back to the same conclusion. And yet I am not moving very fast to realize it, so what is the source of the lag if I know what I ought to do? Why am I so slow to even try to get started with getting schooled again?

Time to bite the bullet and get started.