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So class begins shortly. The next 6 months at w...

09 Jan 2003

So class begins shortly.

The next 6 months at work are looking to be exceptionally busy/challenging, so I decided to return to academia with only one class.

I need to do a pre-req before my philosophy degree and a few CS class background can get into a CS MS program at the BU Metropolitan college. BU MET is the adult/continuing ed. college, and offers an actual MS in CS, unlike say Harvard's extension school which does not.

So it's "CS 248 - Introduction to Discrete Mathematics" every Monday from 6-9 pm for me for a while.


Luckily it seems as though my rather, uhh, diverse academic interests have not left me completely ignorant of the subject (cs, statistics, and logic classes seem to cover alot of the syllabus). A perusal of the text makes me feel relatively confidant this will not require herculean effort.

So I snagged the text from the BU bookstore - I had to call the CS dept. to find out which text I needed since the BU bookstore has kept a monopoly on that information.

Also, since I wanted to buy the book a whole 2 weeks before classes start, the text book section of the B&N pretending to be a university bookstore was not yet open to the public - but they had a single copy of the text book in their general mathematics section, so luck day for me. Oddly, the price to buy it there was $5 cheaper than amazon or B&N, and no shipping time or cost.

Happy day.