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So Matt J, a friend of his I don't know, and I are...

15 Feb 2003

So Matt J, a friend of his I don't know, and I are all going for a day of snowboarding. De-lite-full.

I must say I need a bit of a break, though my intern wife wins in that catehgory, its been 2 weeks of 80+ hours a piece, and no end in sight. Well, actually April is the end in sight, but its awfully hazy at the moment. Haven't even read a page of a book, or turned on my PS2 in weeks, in spite of acquiiring new and interesting volumes and games. ho hum, even as I write this, my other computer beside me is chewing through some code gen and compilation for work, perhaps I should give it some more attention.

Got a b-day present of Mr.Show DVDs from my bro. As a non-HBO watcher, this is but one of the delights I apparently have missed. Perhaps when I retire it'll fill some time to catch up on the Sopranos, 6 feet under, and sex and the city.

On another note, very interesting article about Prof. Peter Singer and more importantly one of his critics is to be found in the NY Times magazine. I don't like Singer answers, I respect his approach, but mostly I am disturbed that I battle with liking the purity of his views, but also disliking that he cannot see the damage that their acceptance could cause in our obviously impure world. Similar to my stance on the death penalty - its a weaker argument against the death penalty when its proponants start with "Assume you know without a doubt the person is guilty..." - which is fine for logical debate, but a poor assumption when translating your conclusions to policy.
Anyway, judge for yourself.