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the weeks have been long but good.

08 Mar 2003

the weeks have been long but good.

there is some satisfaction to creating things, especially when you start seeing them work. So although work has taken a huge piece of my time, attention, and energy...well, I won't say it is worth it, but it is less a waste of time when the results crystallize.

Here's a gem for you, homestarrunner.

On another note, had my first math exam on 3/3 since about 1995. Don't have the results yet, but I finished it which is better than most of the class (only one other person was done before time). There was one problem I pretty much had to learn how to solve while in the exam, but hey, that's what's good about open book/note exams - no matter how obscure the question, your real enemy is time.

Anyway, another day of snowboarding today - quite likely the last this year looking at the weeks to come.