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well, finally.

13 Dec 2005

well, finally.

I spent the last few days trying to revive an old pII/350mhz PC.
Having exorcised redhat9, an ill-timed installation as this particular curse damned itself in favor of fedora days after I installed, I had to pick a sexy new distro to play with...so what else, but go with little-miss-popular, i.e. ubuntu?

After downloading the ISO twice, burning four CDs at various speeds and orientations to the crab nebula and burning bushes, I got one that installed on my eighth attempt. My kung-fu is the best. So far so good, I am typing on it now, and looking for other fun to put it through its paces. Actually pretty usable for all that it is ancient - gee, maybe you don't need to gigs of memory to be happy after all.

I also need some better way to get it networked, as I have no wifi card for it, and it is across the house from my hub. Like everyone else I am sure, I have a 50' ethernet cable around I am using at present, but as I don't wish to make yet another electrical hazard in my home, this is not a permanent solution...