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video ipod at last

29 Dec 2005

After much thought (nano vs. video) I finally bought my own xmas present (with the encouragement of my lovely bride). I got the 60gig vid ipod - I am such a little consumer.

A few problems: my laptop does not have sufficiently powered USB port (though they are usb2 hi-speed) to charge it. So I need to get a cradle...perhaps one like this. Seriously, the cottage industry of ipod accessories must be a larger than farming in the US.

Also made a trip to Waaa-wa-chusett (excuse me, I have allergies), but with many other options in the area, all I need is for the weather to cooperate. Mainly, since I have friends who are much better riders than I am, the Wa was mostly a remember-what-I-am-doing kinda thing.