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Remembering those we lost

31 Dec 2005

We lost many artists this year, and I see the press about the biggest names like Richard Pryor, Pat Morita, and Carson. But look, here is one that touched a nerve for me: Jerry Juhl.

The guy created Super Grover, wrote Gonzo out of thin air, and then made up the Fraggles - where would you be without them?

I only wish Avenue Q would spark a new puppetry rennaisance, it's about time.

Thanks Jerry.

2005: Lost lives that touched our own: "Jerry Juhl, 67, who was head writer for 'The Muppet Show' before he co-created 'Fraggle Rock.' Juhl worked as a puppeteer on Jim Henson's first television show, 'Sam and Friends,' and later spent six years writing for 'Sesame Street' after its 1969 premiere. Juhl was head writer for 'The Muppet Show' from 1977-81, receiving two Emmys for his work."