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02 Apr 2006

Way too long since I last posted, but more time is at hand.

Talked to my brother, he's hopefully dodging an ID card since he is already in Scotland, and is legal and all.

What a lovely time. Tech makes nations and geography less important (arguably), while politicians highlight the importance of national origin as the difference between criminal and patriot.

Does it need to be said? Villainizing illegal immigrants is a PC way to hate minorities. You know, it's not that they are different and poor and not white, it's that they are criminals (they're illegal , so that means they're criminals, right?) and probably terrorists to boot (right out of the country).

Besides, they are all thieves because they are stealing our jobs. I wonder if the politicians noticed that these "criminals" can't vote before they made them into congressional punching bags?

So maybe, just maybe, this is all code - some subtle form of racism (on second thought, not all that subtle).

When the riots start, please remember I am a petite liberal and not worth smashing.