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Beantown Tapfest live

19 May 2007

With the Tapestry tap celebration this weekend, it's just in the nick of time that the website for the Beantown Tapfest is now fleshed out.

I still need to spend some time making it prettier, adding images and such things, but most importantly it now has the list of events, and the online registration form which integrates with PayPal (Website Payments Standard in conjuntion with IPN). I am not a big PHP fan, but I do like being able to package up and deploy my new 'pprf' (PayPal Registration Form) plug-in to any WordPress site for testing. I need to make it a bit more generic, and add one more admin page, but hey, it works and I'll probably release it as open source soon.

I'm mostly happy with the logo, as IANAD(esigner) - anything that comes from Illustrator out of my computer should be suspect, but I think the logo looks good.

Now on with the day, and hoping a get some rest before Tapestry classes kick my butt.